Try a Kasho

Would you like to try a Kasho before you buy?

We are giving you the chance to try (no obligations) your very own Kasho in the comfort of your salon, experience the Kasho difference.

  1. Deposit required –  30% of the salon price inc GST – payment to be made with a credit card.
  2. Kasho will send a sample from our store and we will also provide a pre-paid/pre labelled return post satchel to help you return it.
    Sample will be photographed prior to dispatch to ensure it was delivered to you in perfect condition.
  3. The item is on trial for 2 weeks from time of its receipt at which time it must be either
    1. Returned to AAB with no further commitment and you will receive a refund for the deposit is made.
    2. Returned with a request to purchase a brand new pair – balance between the 30% deposit and new item (70%) is charged on card and we will send you a new product.
    3. Working samples maybe be kept with a 10% discount from the cost of a brand new one – balance still to be charged reduced to (60%) of the original less 30% deposit (70%-10% working sample discount) = 60%.
  4. If the item is not returned within 3 weeks the balance becomes due and payable and the card will be automatically charged.
  5. If the item is returned in poor condition because it has been abused or dropped then it will be considered sold and the balance 70% must be paid, (the card will automatically be charged).
  6. In this instance the item will be returned to you. General wear and tear is acceptable but neglect is not.


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